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Takta Sharif Corrosion (TSC) Company is a knowledge base company in the field of corrosion evaluation and corrosion protection of different materials. This company pioneers in the field of corrosion assessment and protection of reinforced concrete structures.

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Corrosion Assessment

Today, concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. According to the geographical survey institute’s reports more than 8.2 billion cubic meter of concrete was produced in 2010. This means more than 2.5 tons concrete per each person in the world was added to the existing concrete each year!


Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protection(GAPC)

A system utilizes anodes which generate a natural DC current to suppress the corrosion of the steel in concrete.
The anodes are typically embedded within the concrete or repair mortar and are electrically connected to the using galvanized ties.
As zinc is less noble than steel it means that the anode has a more electronegative potential than the reinforcement steel. This makes the zinc the anode and the steel reinforcement the cathode. Current will flow from anode to cathode inhibiting rebar corrosion thus avoiding concrete cracking and spalling in the presence of chloride salts within the concrete.


Zinc Tape

A zinc tape that provides a corrosion control solution to new and existing above ground plant and transport system.

1) Economical
2) many applications
3) Easy to apply
4) proven product
5) Long lasting


Double Shield

The product "Double Shield" is a coupling between an electro-conductive adhesive laminar zinc tape with the main purpose of active protection, and a self-adhesive membrane made from a polymer- modified bitumen with a HDPE carrier foil that performs as external sealing, working as a barrier for physical and chemical protection.


Number of Projects

Takta sharif company has done deferent projects in corrosive areas of Iran. Some of these projects have been mentioned in the flowing table.

# Project Title Client
1 Improvement of Earthing System on Power Transmission Towers Using Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Foundation Hormozgan Regional Electric Company
2 Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures Shahid Bahonar Kerman University
3 Corrosion Assessment of Concrete structures Using Neural Network in Hormozgan Transmission and Distribution Power Lines Hormozgan Regional Electric Company
4 Corrosion Assessment of Transmission Line Concrete Structures and Exhibition of Scientific and Practical Methods for Corrosion Prevention with Cathodic Protection Hormozgan Regional Electric Company
5 Prototype Manufacturing of Corrosion Resistant Reinforced Concrete Poles for Installation on the Southern Coasts of the Country Payeh Beton Company

Takta News

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    Participation in an exhibition

    Takta sharif corrosion company had participated in an exhibition regarding knowledge based companies. March 15-17, 2014 Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran  


Address: Energy & Power Technology Incubator, Niroo Research Institute, West end of Shahid Dadman Blvd, Shahrak Ghods, Tehran-Iran

Tel: +98 21 22382241
Tel: +98 21 88581982
Mob: +98 912 385 0467
Fax: +98 21 22382216

E-mail: info[at]takta[dot]ir
Web: www.takta.ir

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