Prototype Manufacturing of Corrosion Resistant Reinforced Concrete Poles for Installation on the Southern Coasts of the Country

Saturday, June 28th, 2014


The occurrence of corrosion in reinforced concrete in both coastal dry areas is a universal problem. At present, it is indicated that for trusting to stability of concrete structures, in addition to accuracy in force analysis and designation, it is necessary to attention to durability and corrosion resistance of them. As the physical, mechanical and chemical damages in concrete and reinforced concrete structures cause a lot of problems in power industry.

The main target of this project was to investigate various corrosion prevention methods for reinforced concrete poles that used in corrosive areas of country especially southern coasts of Iran. Major mechanism of protection methods is barrier against of attacking and penetrating corrosive ions. Due to the fact that more than 80% of structural degradation in reinforced concrete is caused by reinforcement corrosion.

In this field, the reinforced concrete specimens have been prepared with different protection methods and installed in boostano Research center to investigate performance of protection in field and practical environment.


Marketing and economical assessment of cathodic protection to corrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures

Preparation of technical instructions to manufacture durable foundations

Project Documentation:

  • Nonmetallic Department; Report of “Literature review” Chemistry & Materials Research Center; NRI; Dec. 2004.
  • Nonmetallic Department; Report of “Determination of deterioration mechanism in selected structures”; Chemistry & Materials Research Center; NRI; June 2005.
  • Nonmetallic Department; Report of “Feasibility study of cathodic protection to overcome corrosion of reinforced concrete structures”; Chemistry & Materials Research Center; NRI; Dec.2005.
  • Articles and papers related to the project.
  • ASTM, BS, EN…standard related the project.

Reinforced concrete poles

The use of “corrosion Inhibitor” during the mixing process of concrete was shown to be the most effective method for corrosion prevention in most of corrosive areas.

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