Corrosion Assessment of Transmission Line Concrete Structures and Exhibition of Scientific and Practical Methods for Corrosion Prevention with Cathodic Protection

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Corrosion Assessment of Concrete structures Using Neural Network in Hormozgan Transmission and Distribution Power Lines


Concrete cathodic protection system are designed to overcome corrosion problems in steel reinforced concrete. The major cause of corrosion in such structures is presence of salt resulting from the application of de-icing chemicals exposure to seawater or the use of contaminated the original concrete mixture. When steel bars in concrete corrode, the formation of rust causes high internal pressures. Tensile stresses are exerted on the surrounding concrete. Cracks development will lead to delamination and spalling of the concrete. Cathodic protection effectively stops the corrosion process and has been determined by the Federal Highway Administration to be the only rehabilitation technique that is able to prevent further corrosion in such structures regardless of the salt content in concrete.


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